• Please don’t remove my credits when you use my translations.
  • I only give permission to one group per language.
  • Only ask for permission if you really want to translate it. I have to turn down other groups because I already gave it to one, so I really hope you’ll see it through.
  • If you only plan to do it as a hobby or personal use (or to not share it publicly), though, I can give you the permission even if I already gave it to another group. Please do say so in your message, otherwise I’m going to reject it.
  • When you ask for permission, please include the link for your site so I can include it here.


  • If I approved you and you can’t find yourself in the list, please tell me so I can update it.
  • Please check the list before asking.
  • Contact me. (Please note that I take a while in responding. I’m really sorry and I hope I can have your patience.)
  • If I don’t respond within a month at most, please don’t hesitate to send a message again. I might have forgotten to send a message or I just forgot to take note of it. Again, I apologize if I made you wait.

※The links in the titles lead to the pages contained in my wordpress.

[Ueda Niku] Dame na Yatsu Hodo Kawaii

Portuguese: Meu Doce Yaoi
Spanish: Dark Black Fansub
Vietnamese: Động Cú Đêm


[Kobato Mebaru] Nakeru BL Anthology – Kuroi Megane to Akai Bara

Spanish: Akai Ito-fansub
Vietnamese: Dưa Leo


[Sachimo] 5 Seconds

French: Michi Yujo
Italian: SG Scan
Portuguese: Meu Doce Yaoi
Spanish: Loving Fansub
Vietnamese: Sunflowers Team


[Homura Jiko] Nakeru BL Anthology – Kimi no Naka Ni

Italian: Crudele Rubrica di Elisa
Spanish: Livius Translations


[Mizuki Tama] Idol-kun wa Koi o Shiranai

Portuguese: Puppy Scan
Spanish: Venecia
Vietnamese: Động Thỏ Múp


[Yoshida Yuuko] Imitation Happy Life

French: Neko Dream Yaoi
Spanish: Cajón de desastre
Vietnamese: Hắc ám chi các


[Shiina Yuki] Toraneko no Shitsukekata

Spanish: Cajón de desastre
Vietnamese: Stay Gold Translation


[Yuzuya Haruhi] Suki tte Iu na!

French: Pyunamiki Scan
Italian: Fujoshi Lullaby
Spanish: Dark Black Fansub
Vietnamese: Vua Trai Cay


[Haruichi] Kafuka Koufukuron

Italian: Fujoshi Lullaby
Spanish: Dark Black Fansub
Vietnamese: Stay Gold Translation


[Tsumumi] Ore no Otouto no Honjitsu no Onedari

Spanish: 801trademiko
Vietnamese: Kurokuro11