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[Kobato Mebaru] Kuroi Megane to Akai Bara

I just decided I had to translate this after reading this from the Nakeru BL (or literally, BL that can make you cry) anthology… It’s short, but it’s sweet and cute – I just had to share this with others~ Figured you guys would need this after the last chapter I released lol.

There is another story I want to translate from the anthology, but I’ll do it after finishing 5 Seconds! Warning… I only want to do it because it’s too much for me to suffer alone… You get what I mean by that _(:’3

Anyway what made me download the anthology was because I read “First Bite” in mangago… Reading that made me wanna die orz

It’s just 8 pages, but I hope you guys will still read this… It’s really cute but tbh it needs more qwq

Just in case anyone wanted to download, here.

Enjoy reading!




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