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[Yuzuya Haruhi] Suki tte Iu na! – Chapter 3

Ch.3 up ☆
I’m oddly punctual for this project, lol. I wonder why 🤔🤔 (setting aside the fact that ch.2 was exactly two weeks late,)
but since this update, I’ll probably be consistent with 1 week updates. ((dontt jinx it me ;;;)) I’ve almost done cleaning everything, and I’ve translated up til ch.5. all’s left is typesetting+final editing!! yeah I love solo work (strangely this isn’t quite sarcastic)

On another note, I’ve recently updated the “Current” and “Future” sections in my projects page. If you’re interested in what I’ll work on next, please do check them out!

I hope you enjoy reading! I ugly cry ramble at the end of the chapter. (It’s quite long this time…)

Download link here~

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mmm I love this chapter y’all. it’s just so sweet and cute, especially how Eiji purposefully paralleled Oriya’s words to him at the hospital im??

ALSO ONE OF MY MOST FAVORITE PARTS, (not just in this manga, but a scene that always pulls my heartstrings in any manga) BAM TITLE DROPP!!!!

“SUKI TTE IU NA” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (insert all sorts of ugly kaomoji here)
sorry I soudn too hyped but sobs…. sobs…. it’s not an aggressive flustered tsundere “s-suki tte iu na!!” but a soft one, one where Oriya smiles like “can’t help it,” because he knows how much Eiji loves him and he loves him back too!!

also Eiji smiling in that last panel. 😩😩

these two are so cute. dang tell me how cliched this is, Idc bc I love this manga and I love the characters and the story so much.

Anyways, thanks for the comments guys!! Also for the comments in the tumblr post I made a few days ago! I’m glad y’all dont mind me being lazy hh…
I wonder how many of you read these silly notes at the end of the chapter…

Probably noone, snorts, but that’s fine, (I’ll just put them here since whatever) I’m just glad ppl read my translations!!

See you hopefully next week!

13 thoughts on “[Yuzuya Haruhi] Suki tte Iu na! – Chapter 3

  1. And so he said, “Suki tte Iu na!” vol.1 by Yuzuya Haruhi now on sale.
    Thanks for the release! Oriya is so cute and adorable as always.
    By the way, Hatsukoi Koiken has already been licensed by Renta.
    Tsumimi’s work and Hoshigari-chan looks so cute and fluffy so I’m looking forward to reading those. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the heads up! I totally didn’t know…
      And yes those two have the same “feel” ? actually. (I understand, both art styles are so cute!) The former will be next since I’m already working on it, but the latter… I’m not sure. I hope it won’t be too far in future though, haha.
      Thanks for the comment!

      Liked by 1 person

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