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[Yuzuya Haruhi] Suki tte Iu na! – Chapter 2

Hey! (hey oh-)
I’m back with ch.2! ☆

It’s a bit later than I expected, but I hope it wasn’t too long of a wait (nobody’s surprised by my late updates at this point)

Download link here~ I upload on MangaDex, too.

Please enjoy reading! More rambles at the end of the chapter.

Read Ch.1 | Ch.2 | Ch.3 | Ch.4 | Ch.5 | Ch.5.1 | Ch.5.2 | Ch.5.5

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someone get me an uke as cool and cute as Oriya


I only have a month left until my school break ends (☼Д☼)

And during that time, how many few chapters did I upload?? Hm? Hmm… I just wonder why I haven’t been productive. like at all. (thonkang) haha yeah of course what else, ᴅᴇᴘʀᴇssɪᴏɴ

anyways, sorry if some dialogue sound weird or if there are grammar errors. I work on all of this by myself after all, and my fried brain has limited vocabulary …. (語彙力ください)
additionally, for the past ~two months I literally had zero conversation aside from immediate family hhh (not even in social media) and school starts too soon I wish I could stay at home forever, maybe then I can be motivated dsfhajfsafsf

enough depressing talk, and I just want to say thank you for your comments always!! And for the messages on tumblr. I don’t respond always, but know that I appreciate every comment !!

See you next time!


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