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[Yoshida Yuuko] Imitation Happy Life – Chapter 4

Here’s chapter 4~!! (oT-T)

(Yeah this is just a rant pls feel free to skip) I just… want to let you guys know… that I’m so stressed (lol like I’m not always like this)… it was so hard to finish this chapter because I literally only worked on this today and just to let you know I have zero privacy when translating (I do it in the living room where the family PC is because I don’t have a laptop) so it’s so hard to finish even 3 pages of smex T__T  I haven’t finished Toraneko too tho it’s just 5 pages more dshgjfdjfd (sorry for the rant lol)

Anyway, it’s just me that’s taking this long since Jenny finished cleaning the chapters a long time ago! ;v; Please be patient with me~ (And leave her a message for her fast work as well!)

Pls… feel free to leave me a message over here (I may not reply but I’m really thankful for the messages!)

Please enjoy(?!) reading this chapter!

Download link here.

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yeah…….. I obviously just chose to use “imitation” because I wanted that bam title drop kind of feel to happen bc I like that sort of thing :”D

Anyways wherever you guys leave messages/comments, I always read them! Thank you so much! ♡ Seeya next time!


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