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Future Projects


Because Idol-kun wa Koi wo Shiranai is going to end soon, I already decided on the next works I’m going to translate. (Lol please ik I may be getting ahead of myself but really I’m going to upload the last chapter soon I promise)

The titles are Imitation Happy Life by Yoshida Yuuko and Toraneko no Shitsukekata by Shiina Yuki.

(Toraneko may be familiar since I mentioned it before and I was originally supposed to work on it after 5 Seconds and before Idol-kun but well… things happened (;・∀・) )

I said this before, but I’ll be working on these two at the same time (wow pls hope I can manage that… )  I’ll be working on IHL with a cleaner, as Toraneko will be my usual solo job. I’ll start on Toraneko when Idol-kun in completed, but we already started on IHL and I’m actually planning to release the first chapter soon!

Please look forward to new updates and my future works from now on as well! I can’t thank everyone enough for reading my translations and always leaving comments here every time. m(__)m

Well then, hope to see you guys soon! ★

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