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[Sachimo] 5 Seconds – Chapter 6

Finally the last chapterー ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و
(Well, there’s the extra of the first story after this, so it’s still something to look forward to ♡  )
Thank you for reading this far even though my updates are really inconsistent!! Really this is all for nothing if you all haven’t read this but really, thank you for reading!

Btw rest assured, everyone, this isn’t anything worse than the last chapter lol. It could be around the level of Chapter 4 (or less..?) It has nothing to be wary of aside from the usual forceful smut you haven’t not seen in the past chapters… Well, just read to find out. ☆

Enjoy reading!

Download link for this chapter here.



So that’s it :> Nothing too shocking huh.
Aki really likes Asahi a lot, so despite him ‘falling’ in the entertainment industry, he still sees him as his sun… sobs. Also for Asahi, he doesn’t hate Aki as the latter did mention he choosed partners that had the same features as him so., and also he said all that stuff because he really didn’t want to pull Aki down; he felt like it’s because of him that Aki can’t land a ‘proper’ job… Well, that’s how I like to interpret it anyway lol.
But in the end isn’t it a happy ending, Asahi got to star in a movie for the second time (but in the end he’s still an AV star lol) :>>


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