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[Sachimo] 5 Seconds – Chapter 5

5/29/17: Chapter 5 is finally up! All written below were from a few weeks ago, but I didn’t finish the chapter until today. I really wasn’t in the mood to do this the whole while I didn’t update. I’m only doing this on my free time, so I was telling myself I don’t have to do this if I didn’t want to, but I’m doing so because I find enjoyment in doing it to pass time. I really hope you aren’t disappointed in the late release. I may take my liberties in updating from now on as well. (Sorry that sounds really gloomy but I’m just glad I could finally post this lol)

!!WARNINGS: Blood, violence, rough sex (yes, this part includes blood as well).
Please be wary while reading. If you are repulsed to this kind of content, kindly hit the back button ^^ and erase this from your mind, pretend this didn’t happen.. ☆
I made the big TW page lol. Really sorry for that last chapter with the twincest, I wasn’t careful enough with the warnings.

For everyone else, please enjoy reading!

Download link for this chapter here.

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So.. yeah. Some twisted shit right there huh :)))
I’m just gonna throw my two cents here. )/ *Long ramble alert
Rei is a sadist (or, he got that violent tendency from his father maybe, but he seems more of a sadomasochist??), but he doesn’t want to show it so maybe he just gets off on seeing Taku and Nobu hit each other everyday. Tbh I think Rei just wanted them all to be together, as best friends, and childhood friends. 😦 He just wanted to be with them, but then when he saw the two of them, he felt betrayed? Relieved that they are “the same”? But yeah, mostly left out and ‘disgusted’ I guess.  But he thinks that Taku and Nobu are just using him to hide their relationship.
For Taku and Nobu, obviously they both like Rei, but they think Rei is straight so ^^ they satisfy their lust with each other’s bodies instead. Not to mention they’re both masochists.. So when Rei came on to them, they don’t care if they’re battered, just because Rei is there with them, and they’re happy with just that. Anyway the relationship they’re going to have from now on is gonna be pretty fucked up (´・ω・`) A possible outcome to this is that first one to break would be either Rei, because he would think that this isn’t what he wanted, or either of Taku/Nobu if the physical damage becomes too much, regardless of what fantasy their normal state of mind is clouded in because honestly?? hitting them with a bat… god, even a tennis racket would hurt a fucking lot wt

so yeah and that’s it, or at least, what I think w(*´▽`*) thanks for reading this, if you did. Please tell me what you think of as well!


21 thoughts on “[Sachimo] 5 Seconds – Chapter 5

  1. oh i just read the comment above mine and it seems it’s a hard ch lol i ‘m warned !! thank you
    (and you release when you want, the important thing is that you still like scanlation !)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for the release! Honestly I have no words. I read the warnings and still wasn’t really prepared. Well, at least they love each other? lol I agree with you about Rei. I feel he did want to stay friends but then discovered their secret and felt left out and hurt. Guess he didn’t realize they were also manipulating him so they could have their way with him. I think i’m gonna go look for some fluffy yaoi to counteract this chapter.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the comment~
      If you mind for some recommendations, I really like “Kowagarainaide, Soba ni Ite”. It kinda hurts (no spoilers lol), but overall it’s a cute and fluffy story! Made me cry a bit 😭 I recommend it if you haven’t read it yet!


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