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[Sachimo] 5 Seconds – Chapter 4

Hello! Chapter 4 is finished! ☆
I noticed that I don’t really give much comments on the manga I’m translating lol (I guess it’s because I’m like “I’m done with this! Here ya go” when I finish translating, so I forget to fangirl with y’all XD But tbh I really just fangirl a lot like you guys, like BOII DAAMN THAT’S HOT– ehm.) And as always I enjoy reading the comments you post on myreadingmanga and mangago lol.

Also, sorry for the last chapter. I only put the warning here, and ofc there are ppl who don’t even read the description (or even go here lol) If there’s stuff like that the next time, I should put the credits page first and put a TW or something hh;; Really sorry for that! ><

Anyway, thanks for the long wait for ch. 4! My schedule got messed up with the previous release, but I hope… I will be able to fix it. Uhm. The next chapter is just a bit longer than this so I’ve no guarantee tho ^^;;

I’m going to put my comments about the chapter at the end of the manga from now on! I’m really weird, so you don’t have to read it if you don’t want to XD

Please enjoy reading!

Download link for this chapter here.


So. Um. Yes. Having a stalker that imitates the way you dress, then realizing they put up hidden cameras in your house (how??) and doing nothing about it 😀 And also jerking off to that stalker. This guy is a weird one lmaoo. They’re both each other’s stalkers, isn’t that nice :DD
Also — outdoor sex  👀👀👀
Bye XD


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