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[Sachimo] 5 Seconds – Chapter 2

Chapter 2 is done!! ☆ (I’m just gonna ramble so feel free to skip~)
I tried hard to stick to my schedule. Therefore, I’m really sorry for the crappy sfx’s here and there! 😀
Privacy?? I don’t know what’s that,  plus I had to do this so discreetly, and I mastered the art of Alt-tabbing even more :)) 

Also I’m very sorry if my job of editing looks crappy;; I tried!

Anyway… You won’t believe how much I was squealing when I received all these “Thank you”‘s from you guys ///A/// I don’t deserve this! I’m just translating, but still thank you for the appreciation!

I just complain a lot but I really appreciate each of your comments! I really owe you all, if you weren’t reading this then I would be doing this for nothing.
Thank you so much!! Just seeing you guys happy to read this is enough to keep me going !! You’re thanking me but I’m thanking you!! Love you all!! ☆

Thank you for waiting for the slow update, and I hope you enjoy reading! ♡
(Please support Sachimo-sensei if you can, too! The artist is the real reason we can read this!)

Download link here.



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