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[Sachimo] 5 Seconds – Chapter 1

I finally finished Chapter 1..! I’ve been working on this for so long, I didn’t even know what I was doing to… procrastinate until today www I’ve been busy with exams last week, so I have a little excuse ww
I love this manga so much, and every story is just interesting to me ( ᐛ )و Please look forward to the future chapters..!

(This is unrelated… But if you’re also in Enstars hell let’s be friends- my fandom trash twitter is @takasutouka.)

If you find any mistakes/errors, please don’t hesitate to tell me!!
And I will try my best to update as I can ★ (If you think I’m late to updating… That’s because I’m struggling with little privacy while I’m editing this + all these steamy scenes //v//)

Thank you so much to that person who suggested download links! You know who you are :3 I don’t know if there are people who actually want to download this… But oh well ☆

Otherwise, please enjoy reading!!

Download link here.



33 thoughts on “[Sachimo] 5 Seconds – Chapter 1

  1. When will the next chap post here?
    I mean, there aren’t any notif, right?
    So I need to know when the next time I’ll visit this page ; )


  2. oh so nice, thank you, i saw it on mrm a long time ago and i put it in my wish list !!
    and i’m part of people who download the chapters because i like reading the entire volume in one go ! it’s hard to wait otherwise so thanks for that !

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