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Dame na Yatsu Hodo Kawaii [Update Ch. 5]

It’s finally done…! I did this really fast since some of you guys were really excited for the update, lol. I felt like I had to do this quick since I have a lot of people waiting..! That kind of thing gives me motivation XD
Anyways, I actually finished this today even though I was crying for the Enstars event for three hours earlier ww. (if you can relate come cry with me @takasutouka in twitter www)

Btw since I couldn’t proof-read this chapter much, I’m sorry if the translations sound really off at some parts, and if some don’t make any sense at all  ovo;;

So, there’s only the extra chapter left-!! I’m really if glad people are reading this up to the last chapter. (´▽`*)  Thank you for reading my amateur translations up to this point…!
If you’d like, do you want me to work on a new series? Please tell me if you have any suggestions! (*・▽・*) Ps. I kind of am picky with the art style lol. Anything cute is alright with me, lol!

The chapter is under the cut below! ^^ Enjoy reading!



4 thoughts on “Dame na Yatsu Hodo Kawaii [Update Ch. 5]

  1. Hello!
    Honestly I don’t like the ending of this one D: A lot of things are still in the dark… It seem like the autor just wanted to end it quickly!
    The meeting between Ichigo and the stalker seem a little too sweet >.> Need to be more tragic ! D: Well, I hope Ichigo really loves Motoki e.e He deserves to be happy!

    Thank for your work! Really a good job o/


    1. I know right… The stories in this manga all have the potential, it’s just that the storylines didn’t have much space (time) to develop 😦 I wish they were individual books so sensei could expand on them more… Thank you so much for reading though!


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