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Dame na Yatsu Hodo Kawaii [Update Ch. 4]

I finally finished Chapter 4 of Dame na Yatsu Hodo Kawaii!
I really have no excuses of this being late. Just gonna say that I was still cleaning some of the pages and I was being lazy sometimes;;
Chapter 5 is the last chapter! ^q^) I honestly don’t know if I’ll do another manga when I’m done with this… But well, it depends on my mood and schedule! Translating and all these was a fun experience though, and maybe it’s something I can do more in the future.

I already uploaded on batoto, but I will upload it here too in case someone ever comes here and haven’t read it yet lol ^^



3 thoughts on “Dame na Yatsu Hodo Kawaii [Update Ch. 4]

  1. Thank you for the hard work. Thank you very much for translating and free share. Actually I’m read your projects from elsewhere. So, if you private projects, maybe we don’t know each other, he he *blush smile*.

    I only know read english, you saved me, dear *big cry*.

    About this story, first time I think Arata is seme. No reason, I just think the character who is freeloader, he should pay with his body (uke). So, I’m very shock. But Arata is cute, so cute, I’m not startled anymore, ha ha.

    Thank you once again, wish you have have more health to translate more stories. >3<


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